Monday, July 28, 2008

Metafont: my beginning

I started learning TeX and Metafont in 2001. Here is one of my first attempts at Metafont design, back then. Off and on, I wrote some proof-of-concept codes and kept cutting my teeth in other Metafont issues. Then I decided to design a Bengali font, did some letters and glyphs and soon lost interest in the endeavour.

This is my first attempt at Metafont, the pen travels wide off the character box.

I finally decided to work with Bengali typeface in Metafont in April 2008 and buckled down to work early June, thinking, planning and brushing up my experiences, both in Metafont, and in Fontographer in which I designed an IPA font towards the beginning of the 1990s which I used in my MA papers in linguistics.

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