Monday, July 28, 2008

Traditional modulated Bengali

The commonest of the Bengali typefaces, and arguably the most readable one, is called 'Bengali,' which has not been truly digitised in the computer era, in relation to typographic norms. Five characters in the font has allographs, depending on initial, medial or final position. It offers traditional ligatures for some conjunct characters. Most books in the Bengali script are set in old timer's pica (now 12pt) with 120-130 per cent leading, in most cases.

Pica Bengali, probably down from Vincent Figgins' design of the late 19th century and later modified by typecasters in India.

Two of the allographs are still maintained, especially in traditional modulated typefaces such as Bengali. This typeface, the upper block in pica (12pt) and the lower in 10pt, is scanned from the type specimen book of a foundry in Dhaka.

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